master bath reno: phase 1

Hey guys! We are still alive. This new construction site has not had the best of us yet. In fact, we are moving from wallpaper removal to the much more dramatic transformation of our master bedroom and bathroom. Clearly, time for an update on what’s been going on around these parts. Ooooooookay. Here we go.

before + after: stairs

With 75% of the rooms in our new construction site covered in dated wallpaper you can imagine where all of my free DIY time has been spent. While I’m not afraid to pat myself on the back for the progress made in my world that revolves around how much wallpaper removing I can squeeze into

before + after: den bookshelves

Now that we have officially kicked off our 3rd live-in remodel, over the years I have learned quite a few lessons that make living in a complete construction site a little more bearable. One lesson I learned early on is to pick one room to focus on first. For me, it’s always the living room.

before story: house #3

Remember the time you said to your husband “you know, it’s kind of nice to live in a finished house” at the exact moment he said ” Hey! Look at this house for sale!”?…Silly me. Two months later, House #2 was sold and we were packing up and heading to House #3. Welcome to Chapter

march madness

W-O-W this past month has been a blur—a BIG fat messy blur but a good one. Between closing on house #3, closing on house #2, moving and celebrating our one year wedding anniversary, March madness was not limiting itself to the basketball courts. I also found out that this little blog of mine was nominated

one of those rare plant posts

Raise your hand if you can recall the last time a garden oriented post made its way onto this blog…That’s what I thought. Crickets. Rarely do posts pertaining to anything “leafy” make thier way from my brain to my fingers to the blog-o-sphere—you are more likely to find the face of the Virgin Mary in

how to insulate water pipes

With Monday’s room-by-room before and after post, I think we’ve had our fill of the conventionally pretty parts of our house for a bit. For today’s post let’s head somewhere a little more dark and creepy. To the crawlspace we go! Even though we’ve had a pretty mild winter so far—my inner beach bum could