LTHL thoughts: since you asked…

When you are a DIY nut job like myself, you get asked a lot of questions about home projects, real estate and what it’s really like to live knee-deep in sawdust.  I like to think that others are just curious, but honestly most are likely trying to gauge my sanity. Regardless of intention, I love

friday fav: the bouqs

Since we are getting real with how we really roll around this construction site, welcome to lunchtime at the Hazlewood’s. Hubs with a mouthful of sammie, TV on blast, June Bug hunting front yard squirrels from the window in the living room and me running around with either a paintbrush or camera in hand. Nothing

DIY bathroom countertop

We are moving right along on the upstairs hall bath vanity update, and it feels so good. With the cabinet doors re-trimmed and painted, we were already looking at one heck of a difference. But before we can install our pretty new vessel sinks—more on our picks when the time comes—a new countertop was in

cabinet door update

Oh, boy. The upstairs hall bath was a certain kind of special when we moved into this construction site. Mint tub and sinks, dark paneling and a cream vanity with gold accents that tied into the gold specks in the laminate counters—the obvious choice, of course. I know. This bathroom was a nightmare. While most

blog life vs real life

It’s ridiculous how excited I become about a home project proclaimed complete and even more excited about adding it to LTHL. So excited. First, I nag the husband to stop whatever he is doing to come take a look at my DIY show and tell. Then, I start plotting a blog post for you fine

counter talk

We’ve spent a lot of blog time lately focusing on rooms outside of the kitchen. We’ve hopped upstairs for the linen closet redo and guestroom window wall art. Then we bounced downstairs for a man cave furniture update and DIY curtain rod install. For today’s post let’s head back up to the kitchen to check

furniture flipping in the man cave

Nine months ago, when the husband and I decided to make the move to a new construction site, it was immediately settled by the hubs that he shall proclaim this space the man cave. So once we moved in, we painted…and put in new flooring…and piled all of the junk we didn’t want cluttering up