before + after: deck

I am so terribly ashamed of myself. I have no backyard before pictures for our house. None. Zero. I even remember going through the house before we closed being so careful to take before pictures from every angle. Of course it was raining that day, so I thought I’d snap before pictures of the backyard

master bathroom reno: tile time

Oh, man. With the amount of time I’ve taken off of this blog, you’d think I was sitting on the couch getting absolutely nothing accomplished around our construction site. With a stomach bug flying through our house over the past few weeks, there was definitely more than enough couch time, but while the hubs and

feeling sketchy

Hey, y’all. Remember me? I’m Cara. I used to hang around this blog a bit. Making up plans for my fixer-upper and seeing them come to life—or taking on a life of their own. There are plenty of both happening where I lay my head at night. Then I went on vacation with my handsome

on island time

Whoa. Where have I been? It’s been almost one month and no posts. Crazy, right? I’ve been off celebrating birthdays with my handsome husband under the Mexican sun. Rest assured, once I’m off island time, I’ll be back at work in the construction site. Until then, this girl is going to milk vacation mode for

DIY coat rack

Y’all ready for the easiest 15 minute DIY ever? Really. If you can’t do what I am about to share with you, you should probably just give up. Not only should you give up on this project, but lots of other things in life as well. It’s that easy. Last week when I gave our

before story: laundry room

Hey, y’all! We took an entire weekend off from even thinking about house stuff. Can you even believe? I know. Nuts. But with our kitchen remodel (practically) a wrap, my eyes are darting from room to room and I’m left trying to decide what’s next. It’s been nice to have a few days off—but I’m