kitchen demo

Now that it is officially Halloween’s month, I figured I’d better pop back up on this blog to scare you with what we have been up to lately. We could no longer put off our kitchen remodel, so…here we go. We’ll start with the necessary kitchen before pics, but before we do, I need to

master bath: after

With so little left on the punch list for our master bathroom—mainly just adding a little trim here, caulking there—I’m going to jump ahead a bit and go ahead and call our master bath a wrap with an ‘after’ post. When we bought the house, we set out to completely overhaul the master bath…then the

before story: the rental

Because we don’t have enough to worry about around our own house (clearly, I jest) the hubs and I decided to buy our first rental property. Of COURSE we couldn’t buy one that didn’t need a ton of love. Let’s check out the before pictures, shall we? The exterior is all brick  which means it

greenhouse clean out

Once upon a time, we bought a greenhouse bought a house that had a greenhouse hanging off the side of it. With visions of year-round homegrown veggies dancing in our heads, we were stoked at the idea. Then we discovered that what we had really purchased was a retirement home for spiders looking for a

master bath progress

We are still at it in the master bathroom but are making serious headway. It feels so freaking good. The pocket door/entryway door awkwardness has been resolved. Remember that post?… The vanity cabinets were in great shape—we may give them a fresh paint job down the line, but there is lots of life left there—but