before + after: den bookshelves

Now that we have officially kicked off our 3rd live-in remodel, over the years I have learned quite a few lessons that make living in a complete construction site a little more bearable. One lesson I learned early on is to pick one room to focus on first. For me, it’s always the living room.

before story: house #3

Remember the time you said to your husband “you know, it’s kind of nice to live in a finished house” at the exact moment he said ” Hey! Look at this house for sale!”?…Silly me. Two months later, House #2 was sold and we were packing up and heading to House #3. Welcome to Chapter

march madness

W-O-W this past month has been a blur—a BIG fat messy blur but a good one. Between closing on house #3, closing on house #2, moving and celebrating our one year wedding anniversary, March madness was not limiting itself to the basketball courts. I also found out that this little blog of mine was nominated

one of those rare plant posts

Raise your hand if you can recall the last time a garden oriented post made its way onto this blog…That’s what I thought. Crickets. Rarely do posts pertaining to anything “leafy” make thier way from my brain to my fingers to the blog-o-sphere—you are more likely to find the face of the Virgin Mary in

how to insulate water pipes

With Monday’s room-by-room before and after post, I think we’ve had our fill of the conventionally pretty parts of our house for a bit. For today’s post let’s head somewhere a little more dark and creepy. To the crawlspace we go! Even though we’ve had a pretty mild winter so far—my inner beach bum could

before + after: deck

I am so terribly ashamed of myself. I have no backyard before pictures for our house. None. Zero. I even remember going through the house before we closed being so careful to take before pictures from every angle. Of course it was raining that day, so I thought I’d snap before pictures of the backyard