Courtyard Cleanup

We have a small courtyard that connects our house to the garage, and we have to admit that this space has been on the bottom of our priority list–well, my priority list. Eric has been wanting to tackle this area for quite some time now. He couldn’t even wait for me to finish the before pictures to start sweeping.

We didn’t want to spend a fortune, but we did want to have an outdoor space that we could enjoy for the rest of the summer.

First up, the flower beds. Lining the beds and adding fresh mulch made a world of difference, but we also wanted a mini herb garden. With a small dog that loves basil as much as we do, we decided to plant our herbs in tall planters that would make it more difficult for a sniffing snout to run off with a stash of cilantro…

With the flower beds shaping up, we were in need of somewhere to relax. So, off to Garden Ridge we went. We were able to snag a couple of wicker chairs and a glass top table for around $80. We love a good deal, and a good deal we found! To finish off the seating area, we added a couple of decorative pillows and accessories…

Much better. We must have been crazy not to have utilized this wonderfully shady outdoor nook.

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