Finally Finished!

One more project to check off on the Rehabilitation Station to-do list! I

t is a good day, my friends.

Take a gander at our sparse before bedroom…


First, we sanded, primed and painted the platform bed, and what a difference that change made! Then we moved on to the bedside tables.  With a bit of wood glue to fix a wobbly leg and several coats of paint, they were back in action.

Outfitting a couple of lamps that we already had hanging around with new shades and filling black frames that were  going unused with photographs printed from the web served as inexpensive accessories for the space.


Finally, we tackled the headboard. The most imaginative—and fun—piece in the room originated from the headboard and footboard of an old crib.

We started by painting the wood (what else?) black. Too add a softer touch, we crafted two upholstered panels and attached one to the center of each of the two pieces. I was unsure how this would play out, but I definitely think it was a good choice!

Much better! Now it at least looks like someone actually lives here… 


Budget Breakdown:

Platform bed FREE
Primer, paint & supplies $25
Bedside tables (2) FREE—thanks M. Bond!
Headboard $10
Fabric & upholstery supplies $17
Lamp shades $30
Total $82

Now that our bedroom is in working order, other projects can move up the list. Stay tuned for more adventures in the Rehabilitation Station.


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