All Framed Up

With a few hours to kill and the chilly temperatures keeping me indoors—and let’s be honest, I didn’t really feel like changing out of my PJ pants—I was in need of a simple project to warm up my Sunday. Off to the garage for a Rehabilitation Station find!

This guy looked ready for a touch up…

Sanded and primed, of course…

IMG_3920 IMG_3923

After a couple good coats of white paint. I just wasn’t feeling complete, so I headed into round two with a trusty can of charcoal paint by my side. Much better!

Pay no mind to the senseless scribble encased by our new friend. I needed a quick frame filler and my childlike doodles were all I had in stock…

Budget Breakdown:

Frame $0.75
Paint & brushes FREE—leftover from a previous rehab
Total $0.75

This amigo definitely sets the record for the least expensive rehab project to date.


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