Breakfast of Champions

Riddle me this. What breakfast food can you have without milk? The answer, my friends, is none. At least not in my small little world. Oatmeal? Not gonna happen. Cereal? Don’t think so.

With a massive void in our kitchen where a refrigerator should be but is not currently, breakfast pickings around these parts are slim.

As a gal who doesn’t ever skip breakfast, this was a big deal. Since we’ve taken up our new residence, Starbuck’s oatmeal and Community Bakery bagels have been holding me over until lunch. But yesterday morning, I was tired of outsourcing my first meal of each day. All I wanted was to enjoy a nice home cooked breakfast like any other gal: in my robe with zero makeup.


Enter the Ramen. Yes. You know where this is going…


My first “home cooked” meal in the new casa was a big bowl of Ramen noodles…for breakfast.


I loved every slurpy second of it.


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