Road Trip

We’ve broken a record! Sunday @ 6:26 pm is officially the latest first blog post of any day in Live the Home Life’s nearly one year old little life. Not a good record in my book, but a record nonetheless. Why so late on the posting, Mrs. Wilkerson? I’ll allow Gran to explain my absence…

We scooted our boots on down to Garland, Texas (right next door to Dallas) for a quick overnight trip. You see, a few months back my dear sweet Gran moved to Little Rock to be closer to her dear sweet family, but we needed to make one last trip down south to pick up a few more things from her house before she sells it and officially becomes an Arkansan.

As part of her downsizing efforts, Gran set aside a number of her belongings for we grandkids. The Rehabilitation Station was jumping for joy over the treasures found in Gran’s garage. I’ll fill you in later this week on what’s coming home to casa Wilkerson. You may be surprised by a few of the items I picked out…


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