History Lesson: Guest Bedroom, Round 2

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1. Frame Collage: After rounding up several wooden frames from Gran’s house and a handful of local thrift stores, a quick arrangement made for handy wall art on a slim budget—$4 from start to finish.

2. Bookshelf: Scrounged out of a warehouse for the small price of hauling it home, its size and the shape of the cubbies has quickly made this guy a Rehabilitation Station favorite. (Missed the back story? Click here to see how we snagged this guy for free!) 

3. Knickknacks: Magazines, books, old cigar boxes (courtesy of Gran) and various items from thrift stores & yard sales cozy up our bookshelf in a wonderful way.




4. Dressmaker’s Mannequin: With a great-grandmother overflowing with major seamstress skills, this mannequin was a favorite childhood playmate for my sister and I during trips to Gran’s house. I’m super excited to have her feet planted firmly in our guest bedroom. We’re just hoping she doesn’t frighten our guests…



Budget Breakdown:

Frames $4.00
Bookshelf FREE (with a little elbow grease)
Knickknacks $20.00
Mannequin FREE
Total $24.00


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