After Party: Dining Room Light Fixture

What? You never mentioned this project! What about the arm chair in progress? The master bath? The 101 other projects you have going on right now?!

You’re right. I pulled a fast one on you. This guy was low on the Rehabilitation Station totem pole, but as a self-diagnosed home ADD nut, a spray paint sale caught my attention and this fella quickly became our next guinea pig…
…and for good reason. Odds are if you live in a 1950’s ranch, you probably have one of these guys hanging around. AND if you are anything like me, the shiny brass finish just isn’t doing it for ya. Time for a change, and for just $5.00, it’s totally worth the effort.

Supply List

  - Voltage tester
  - Screwdriver
  - Spray paint (we used textured paint from Rust-oleum)
  - Sandwich bag
  - Paper towels
  - Newspaper

First things first, I had to get the fixture outside to prep for paint. 



After unscrewing the decorative canopy, I turned off the electricity and used a voltage tester to make sure the work space was current-free.

Following these online instructions, I detached the wires and carefully lowered the fixture to the floor.



Time to prep!

To protect the wires from paint, I tucked them into a sandwich bag (I would give a shout out to Ziploc, but we use off brand).



Moving outside, I gathered our supplies and gave the dusty fixture a wipe with a few paper towels and a good dusting with compressed air.

Like the wires, I wanted to protect the light bulb sockets, especially since I was using textured spray paint. The twist of a few paper towels kept the sockets paint free.

On to the fun part! Check the directions on the back of your paint can for specific instructions and dry times.

IMG_6215 IMG_6216 IMG_6217 
Once you’ve covered all of your bald spots and given the paint plenty of time to dry, all that’s left to do it re-hang your fixture and turn the power back on.




Easy right? And much improved…


Budget Breakdown:

Light Fixture FREE (with 30 year mortgage)
Voltage Tester $14.97
Textured Spray Paint $4.98
Total $19.95

A seriously spruced light fixture for under $20? That is a good day, my friends. 


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