Furniture Flipping: Cara Beth’s Dresser

When Cara Beth sent the photo of her soon-to-be flipped dresser, I was super pumped! Not only did this guy have tons of potential, but I already had an idea in mind that I have been dying to try on a dresser just like this one…


This was in my husband’s childhood bedroom (maybe even his nursery) growing up so we definitely want to keep it around. It is currently in our master bedroom but it definitely lacks style.

We actually painted our bedroom a mocha brown color but the accent colors our aquas and greens – kinda eclectic I guess. I’m not really a matchy-matchy type of gal. 

Help us update this piece to 2010 while still keeping it somewhat traditional!

No worries, Cara Beth. I’m on it! Let’s move on to the game plan shall we?

This masterpiece has been haunting my dreams ever since I stumbled upon its gloriously rehabbed self a few months ago. I was left drooling over the haphazardly whitewashed finish. And the branch drawer pulls?—forget it. I was a smitten kitten.


Pairing the same touches with a few ideas floating around my own noggin, I knew Cara Beth’s dresser would be in for a treat…


First, a little reworking. By removing all of the center drawers to create shelves for books and baskets, we’ll add a bit more interest…


Next up, a solid coat of Kilz primer and a coat or two of off-white paint should do the trick. But let’s take it easy on the paint, now. I still want a smidge of the original wood to show through to give that cottage chic feel I just can’t get enough of.

For the branch drawer pulls, just head outdoors and find a few scraps of wood. Make sure the wood is pretty dry and cut to fit the drawer fronts. From the inside of the drawer, use a couple of screws to secure your new pulls.

Finally, let’s settle on hardware. I love these from Etsy, but a few coats of textured spray paint similar to what I used on my dining room light fixture would easily (and inexpensively!) give the original pulls an instant face lift.



Another furniture flip down and one more in the works! Check back soon to see how the plan for Amy’s dresser is shaping up…

Furniture Flipping_Amy


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