Quick Question: Worst chore ever?

Let’s face it. Certain around-the-house chores are what nightmares are made of. For me, it’s cleaning kitty litter. As much as I love these perfect paws—or should I say, purr-fect? I know. Take it easy, Cara—scooping their leftovers scrapes the bottom of my want-to-do list.


Picture my misery this morning while giving the litter boxes their weekly tidy up. Stinky smells…Gritty litter…This less than happy kitty mom was contemplating opening the front door and looking the other way while her furry felines shimmy into suburban wilderness. Don’t judge. Take a scoop or two from a littler box frequented by a cat named Tooty and let me know your initial thoughts.

Now it’s your turn to vent. What’s your least favorite chore? Don’t skimp on me people! I want all of the terribly icky, germ filled details.


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