Attempts at Channeling Cindy

Because we are friends, we can talk openly about our issues. Right? Glad you agree.

One that’s been haunting me lately is the fact that most photos of me involve an excessive amount of pearls and real estate signs or are the result of an unkind sneak attack. Don’t pretend like you haven’t noticed…

Cara Photo


Thankfully my buddy, Cara Beth, stepped in to help. Monday we headed downtown with the plan of scrounging together an indoor lofty location to beat the heat. Big pats on the back all around, until we arrived on location (doesn’t that make me sound official? “On location”…) to find that the power was out and the indoor temps were quickly rising. So after praying to the camera gods, we sweated through it and Cara Beth amazingly pulled (most of) the awkwardness right out of me. 



A huge thanks to CB for making me look like a human! Now ya’ll go ahead and click here to scoot on over to Cara Beth’s site to check out more of her work.

Happy weekend!


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