DIY Chain Necklace

Don’t be fooled by the exceptionally pale skin people, I must be Native American deep down. You know, from one of the tribes that uses every part of the buffalo? Let no bone go to waste…Once again, it’s time for an explanation of my off-the-wall thought process.


After tweaking the light fixture in my kitchen with a much improved lamp shade…

…a few bits and pieces remained behind, with the chain that originally hid the wiring being one of the neglected leftovers.



IMG_7023 IMG_7026
Oh, no. I couldn’t let this handsome fella go to waste. Time to get crafty!

Using a bit of the skinny chain remaining from our DIY bib necklace project and a pair of needle nose pliers, my new necklace was knocked out in no time!

IMG_7028 IMG_7031



It’s kind of wonderful, right? I thought so and am pretty sure my resourcefulness bumped my status in the tribe up a few notches.


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