Then & Now: Kitchen Corner

Less of a ‘before & after’ and more of a ‘then & now’, the kitchen still has a long way to go but who says we can’t ogle over the progress thus far? I’m the boss around these parts and I vote yes.

First, let’s recap on what this corner of the kitchen looked like just one short week ago…

There was no question. The wallpaper and “pizza hut” light fixture—a big thanks to Leslie for the spot on description—had definitely overstayed their welcome.



The time had come to peel…




And paint…




Tweak the old light fixture and outfit with a new shade—check back tomorrow for the how-to—and this paint job was a wrap!

You have no idea how nice it is to walk into my kitchen without getting dizzy. Now that 1962 has been effectively erased from this corner, on to my next obsession: finding/rehabbing/building the perfect piece of furniture for this space…

I’m thinking a bistro table is a bit too obvious. Let’s see how we can add more storage and style to this nook…the wheels are turning.


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