Business in Front

To my wonderful LTHL friends,

Board_Cara It’s 3:45 pm and no Thursday blog post? I am positively sure you are deeply concerned for my well being and were inches from slapping my mug shot on the back of a milk carton…but mainly ticked that you had one less blog post to distract you from what you should actually be doing at work. My apologies.

But no worries, my friends! I am alive and well and ready to head back to Little Rock where I have a plethora of home projects waiting to distract you from all work responsibilities. Until then, sleep easy knowing that I had a great time with coworkers in Colorado, learned more than my home-loving brain can handle, sliced through a board stemming from what I am confident was the sturdiest tree west of the Mississippi with my bare hand AND…of highest importance…witnessed  the most fantastic female mullet to walk the face of this earth.


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