Furniture Flipping: Kimberly’s Table

I’m all geared up from Amy’s fabulous before & after, so what better time to tackle another virtual furniture flip. Our next guinea pig comes from Kimberly…


Hey Cara! I need some expert advice. I found a cheap, light-wood table and chairs not too long ago for $50. My mom spray painted the table black with a flat paint, but did not sand it or anything.  Now, it is a not-so-pleasurable texture and the smallest things scratch it. The chairs have not been painted.


I have thought about spraying a sealant over the black paint, but I am thinking it still might look a little tacky afterwards, with not much improvement. I know this sort of thing is right up your alley. I just want a decent looking table that doesn’t look like I tried to "fix" it up. I want it to look nice! Anyways, do you have any ideas or suggestions on what to do? Thanks, Cara!


I’m on it, girl! Not only am I impressed by the $50 price tag for the entire set, but you’ll be able to knock this project out in no time.

Before we break into the how-to, let’s get a little crafty with a game plan…

PREP: By now we all know this is the most important step in reaching the desired result. For Kimberly’s table, a light sanding over the rough areas left behind by the spray paint and a solid coat of primer should do the trick. I happily endorse Kilz primer and have buckets of it hanging around my workshop at all times.

1. Table: Kimberly’s initial thoughts were to go with the simple (and always reliable) look of a black table. Always an A+ in my book, but just to mix it up a bit I think a deep olive green would be an interesting twist.

2. Chairs: I would first like to apologize to Kimberly for making her chair rendering look more like that of a toilet seat. However, nowhere along this furniture flipping journey did I ever lay claim to outstanding drawing abilities…alright, moving on…Once again, black can enter the scene or opting for a green a couple shades lighter than the table would be perfection. Same color family, just a little on the lighter side to add interest.

3. Seal & Accessorize: After the paint is good and dry, a top coat sealant will make sure Kimberly’s new dining set can weather the bumps and dings of dinner guests. A few fun accessories and we’re in business! Pictured above: table runner from Pottery Barn and napkins from Crate & Barrel.

Hope this helps, Kimberly! And remember, before & after photos always make my day. Happy rehabbing!



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