Million Dollar Decoupage

For those of you as blatantly obsessed with all things Bravo as I, this post is for you. Bravo’s newest insta-hit, Million Dollar Decorators, profiling killer before & afters for the rich and famous is to die for…or as my watch party buddy in crime Jessica says, decor porn.

An instant favorite of mine, without a single smidge of a doubt, is designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, who upon introduction pronounces his name Maaaaartyn. Not just because he goes by three names and has a unhealthy—and completely relatable—appetite for chaaaawklawt (read: chocolate), but this designer can whip out stunning transformations.

Now that my due praise for the decor lords is said and done…time for the not-so-hearts-and-flowers part of today’s post. I need to discuss the “scenic art” (aka wallpaper mural) he plastered on Daisy Fuentes’s wall on last night’s episode…

…An awesome image. No question. But the entire time I was watching Martyn Lawrence Bullard install Miss Fuentes’s wall(paper) art, I just couldn’t help but think that maybe the original owners of my house had the same inspired thought when they slapped the Gone with the Wind plantation scene on my dining room 50 years ago. Just maybe.



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