DIY Light Fixture Rehab: Day 2

Alright, friends. Before we take off full speed on this post, I need for you to read this: I am not an electrician. Sure, I don’t mind piddling around with electrical currents in my own house, but not once in my twenty-something life did I claim to be a pro. That being said, this project is pretty simple and if I can do it, you can too. Just don’t sue me. Here we go!

When I left you yesterday, we just finished rounding up all of our materials to recreate the fabulous cage light fixture from Vintage Revivals. All our gear was lined up, but my $5.00 light fixture definitely needed a longer wire, so add a longer wire we will!

First we need to remove the disgusting shade from the lamp. 99% percent of the light fixtures you’ll find will have a piece that easily unscrews to release the shade. Pardon the schnauzer snout…

Note to the rehabber: When disassembling, take plenty of pictures along the way so that you can remember which part goes where. You’ll thank yourself (and, ahem, me) that you did.

Shade removed, now it’s time to crack open the lamp to reveal its guts. Once again, a simple part on the underbelly of the lamp unscrews to make this possible.

VR Light_17image
Once open, unscrew the two wire connectors (yellow things below) to expose the wires…

VR Light_7 
Once the connectors are removed, you’ll find two wires twisted together. Untwist, freeing the two wires…

VR Light_8 VR Light_16
Free at last! Next, using my swag light kit, I cut a much longer wire that will extend from the top of my fixture to the ceiling. Always leave more that you think you’ll need, we can always trim later (I cut my wire 4 feet long just to be safe). Twist each end of the new wire to the wire inside the lamp. Then twist the wire connectors back into place.

VR Light_9VR Light_15 VR Light_10
Now that we are rewired, reassemble the lamp in the same way you disassembled…this is where those photos are start to come in handy.

VR Light_14VR Light_11VR Light_12

Step 2 complete! Now on to the good stuff—actually putting together our light fixture. Check back later this week for a little spray paint and elbow grease.


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