DIY Light Fixture Rehab: Finale

Good news, friends! The end is near. When I left you yesterday, our old-made-new light fixture was assembled by not yet fulfilling its full illuminating potential. For goodness sakes, let’s get this bad boy hung and get the weekend started.

VR Light_24
Yesterday, we left  a few inches of wire exposed. Using a pair of wire cutters, I stripped the end of the wire about an inch or so.

VR Light_25

VR Light_33

VR Light_32
Once you are ready to hang your fixture, stop and read this seemingly no-brainer of a disclaimer: Electrical currents hurt. Head to your breaker box and turn off the breaker to your light fixture. Then test the wires with a voltage tester ($10 at the hardware store) to make sure you’re in the clear. 

If you are hanging your new light fixture where an old fixture once dangled (like I was) you should be able to easily loosen the screws mounting the old fixture to the ceiling and expose two sets of wires joined together with wire connectors. Detach the old fixture wire from those coming out of the ceiling and reattach your new fixture wires by twisting and securing with wire connectors.





Then tuck the wires with connectors back into the box and screw securely back into place. True confession: I know my descriptions are a bit rocky and right about now you visual learners are thanking me for photos. You are welcome.

Ready to see my lovely new light fixture in all its rehabbed glory?

VR Light_35

VR Light_38

VR Light_39

I used the ceiling hook included in the swag light kit to anchor my light in just the right position. 

VR Light_40

VR Light_34

With a vote of 2 to 0, the general consensus in this household is that this kitchen nook is quickly becoming a favorite spot. For me, the light fixture tops this space off. June dog, on the other hand, has her own reasons for loving this corner of the casa…

VR Light_37
Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!


Post blog post text from know it all brother-in-law…


Booyah! Happy now, Ollie? :)

VR Light_41

VR Light_42

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