For many of us, the pinterest phenomenon is occupying an extreme chunk of free time, and let’s be honest, a fair amount of time that should be dedicated to workplace responsibilities…I won’t tell.

While I did my best in taking my sweet time jumping on the pinterest bandwagon for fear that I might just reach overload with one more online addiction, the inspiration and organization had me intrigued. But the hook? The part that really keeps me coming back for more? Finding my home’s doppelgangers! Knowing that somewhere out there, others also enjoy:

A painted white fireplace…


A dusty ladder moved indoors…


…and (most likely) expensive wall art that I whipped up DIY style for my own casa


If you aren’t already pinterested, this is my official endorsement. It’s ridiculously fabulous.


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  1. Cara @ Live the Home Life September 16, 2011

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