Roofing It

Around these parts, when it rains it pours—renovationally speaking, that is. Not only am I knee deep in the constant project of a kitchen remodel, but a new roof, new gutters and chimney repair were tacked on to the to-do list for this week. Basically turning my home into a revolving door for contractors. Cabinetmaker out. Countertop installers and plumber in. Roofers up. Old gutters down…Whew! A complete and utter mad house, but my roof and gutters were in desperate need of a little love. Let’s take a look at the befores…without judging for the pitiful condition of my yard, please ma’am.


Those gutters don’t look that bad you say? Let’s take a closer look.

Rusty, leaky gutters and hardly any functional downspouts to speak of just aren’t getting the job done when a thunderstorm rolls in to town. Not to mention they bring my curb appeal down several notches and with the poor gardening skills that I tote around, the front of my house can’t afford to loose any points in the looks department.


But the absolute best part of this stage of reno will hands down be the removal of the ridiculously large old school antenna that’s lassoed to the side of my chimney. It’s disgusting and the first thing you notice when you pull up to my house.

Giant Antenna

Giant. Enormous. And heading to the dumpster thanks to the 14 lovely gentlemen stomping around on top of my house.


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