master bath reno: phase 1

Hey guys! We are still alive. This new construction site has not had the best of us yet. In fact, we are moving from wallpaper removal to the much more dramatic transformation of our master bedroom and bathroom. Clearly, time for an update on what’s been going on around these parts.

Ooooooookay. Here we go. If you’ve been around for more than a project or two on this blog then you know every bathroom remodel starts as a smidge of an idea in my head and ends up on a very ugly, incredibly not-to-scale sketch that then lands on your computer screen. I dreamt. I drew. And here’s the part where I do my best not to completely confuse you.

Below is my very best attempt at our master bathroom floor plan before, with two pretty funky design flaws—just my opinion y’all! (True confession: I’m always terrified that previous owners of my houses are going to read my blog and get seriously offended. Eeeek!)


1. There were two doors to enter the bathroom: one from the master bedroom and one from the entry hallway—because there is just no way to greet your guests quite like asking them to throw you another roll of toilet paper.


2. An annoying pocket door was right in the middle of the bathroom, between the tub/toilet side of the room and vanity. Nothing a little demo and drywall couldn’t fix…so this before pic is really a during pic since demo was already underway, but you get the idea.


See what I mean, though? The door from the entry and pocket door needed to go. We have another half bath on the main level so there was really no need for hallway access to the master bath.

The “after” floor plan below. No more entry hall door. No more pocket door.




So. Much. Better.

In case you were wondering, how much of this phase of Project Bathroom Remodel we tackled ourselves, we did the demo and hired Sheetrock Shane for the rest. Nothing screams DIY like a bad sheetrock job.

This project is flying by—mainly because we are keeping those pretty white vanity cabbies, countertops and mirror—but I’ll be back soon with an update on what’s going on with the floor tile and tub-turned-shower in this master bath.


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