after party: dining room

With our kitchen remodel getting all of the love around our construction site, our dining room has been flying under the radar throughout our recent kitchen/dining reno.

Sure, our dining room held its own for years as a green carpeted, pink walled formal living room, but when we worked up plans for our kitchen overhaul, we needed the space the old dining room offered to make our kitchen larger. We quickly decided to turn the hardly ever used in today’s world “formal” living room into the new dining room.

Photo Jan 30, 8 27 27 PM

Out with the old carpet and in with the new hardwoods.


Once the wood floors were installed, all this room really lacked was fresh paint. In came furniture and accessories, and out went 1962.

Yes, baby, YES. The perfect space for the 108” World Market Monroe dining table that we had been eyeballing. Y’all. For the bucks, you cannot beat this table.











Is this room 100% finished? HA! What room ever is? But I think we can all agree that life is looking a little less Pepto sans pink walls.

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