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Open shelves in a kitchen are loved by some and not-so-loved by others, but ever since I built a set of open shelves in our last kitchen (click here to see that transformation), it’s been nothing but love for open shelves on our end. Naysayers think that they collect too much dust—which they totally do—but since we mainly use open shelves in our kitchen for glasses and mugs that are used constantly, no dust bunnies on our shelves. I also love how easy they make unloading the dishwasher….but the icing on the cake is how easy and inexpensive they are to build.

Remember way back to a couple of months ago, when I worked a few open shelves into the game plan for our kitchen reno?

Kitchen_sink wall

Well, kitchen reno is a wrap but one sad, lonely wall still remained where there were plans for a set of shelves.



Nothing a couple of pieces of 2×10 boards and old can of stain couldn’t fix.


I cut the boards to a length of 36” a piece and gave them a quick sanding, one coat of pre-stain and one coat of Minwax Dark Walnut oil-based stain.



I did not want the shelves to have visible brackets like we did at the old house. Instead, I picked up four 12 inch 1/2” rods that I could drill into the wall studs to hold the shelves. The tricky part was drilling holes into the back of the shelves that would allow the shelf to slide onto the rods mounted into the wall…I feel like this is all getting very confusing to explain. Let’s just look a the progress pics below so that you can pick up what I’m putting down.






Lots of careful measuring involved to make sure that the holes in the back of the shelves lined up with the rods inserted into the wall. Once the rods were inserted into the wall, I used a mallet to hammer the shelves into place…Did that make any sense at all?

kitchen open shelves

DIY kitchen open shelves

kitchen floating shelves



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LTHL_before and after_open shelves


LTHL_before and after_kitchen remodel

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