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before + after: dining room

My goal for the past couple of weeks has been to start working on compiling a few after house photos to post on this blog of mine. While the house is far from finished, we have made some major headway and most of the house is actually looking inhabitable. We’ll start the before + after

before + after: linen closet

I just love it when DIY fate takes control and meshes two projects into one. Follow me on this tale of two blog posts. Blog post #1: Two months ago I was blabbing all over this blog about how happy I was with our recent upstairs hallway transformation. Considering the dark and dreadful before state

then + now: the stairs

One thing this house surely did not lack from the get-go were scary stairways. Creaky, dark, paneled, carpeted stairways. AND being the lucky sort we are, we had the pleasure of throwing a few dusty and dented return air vents right into the middle of the mix. How any air flow at all made it