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open kitchen shelves

Open shelves in a kitchen are loved by some and not-so-loved by others, but ever since I built a set of open shelves in our last kitchen (click here to see that transformation), it’s been nothing but love for open shelves on our end. Naysayers think that they collect too much dust—which they totally do—but

after party: dining room

With our kitchen remodel getting all of the love around our construction site, our dining room has been flying under the radar throughout our recent kitchen/dining reno. Sure, our dining room held its own for years as a green carpeted, pink walled formal living room, but when we worked up plans for our kitchen overhaul,

kitchen: source list

Lots of brass. Lots of white. Just the way I like it. Check out the source list for our most recent kitchen reno. (Click here for pics.) 1. Pendant light over sink | 2. Kitchen faucet & island faucet | 3. Island pendant lights 4. Cabinet knobs & cabinet pulls | 5. Wall color: BM

after party: kitchen

Want to see a ridiculously amazing sight for sore, construction-tired eyes? 4 months ago, our kitchen looked like this… And last I left you (pre-holiday shenanigans), our kitchen reno looked like this… Nope. Not anymore. A whole month does a kitchen good, y’all. Are we 100% finished? Negative. But with just a couple open shelves


Y’all. Just look at how great-big-wide-open our kitchen and living spaces are going to be. Sure. There’s plastic and sheetrock dust everywhere right now, but with walls gone and so much natural light spanning from front to back of our house, we can finally breathe—figuratively speaking. Right now our lungs are filled with serious amounts

foyer progress

Somehow with all of the attention on our kitchen and dining room during this remodel of ours, I’ve managed to completely keep our foyer out of the spotlight. Maybe it’s because most of the action so far has been taking place in the kitchen…or maybe it’s just because our foyer’s need for a seriuos facelift