Cara Hazlewood | Live The Home Life

I’m Cara. Welcome to my blog/baby book for my house-child.

By trade, I’m a real estate broker and business owner of The Property Group in Little Rock, Arkansas and by obsession, a do-it-yourselfer and all around home freak. There is sawdust on my cereal bowls and puppy paw prints on my floors.

Once upon a time in the mid-80s I was born to an architect father and do-it-yourself rockstar for a mother. Until I was old enough to strike out on my own DIY adventures, I watched my parents tear apart/rebuild/add-on to every corner of my childhood home.

While in my twenties, I began surgery on my first house. As a single girl, my dog-child (June Bug) and I spent countless hours nipping and tucking every square inch of my first place. Over three years and an insane number of DIY projects (and blog posts) later, I moved on to my second house. For this remodel, June Bug and I added a third construction worker to our crew, my husband, Michael. Now on house #3, Michael, June Bug and I are still taking on the world of rehab, one wallpapered room at a time.

Live The Home Life is full of learning lessons and way-to-go-girl pats on the back. Come on in and join me for the ride.